Tuesday, 3 February 2009

An open message to workers striking this week

A union organised strike is positive action.

It is collaborating in a socially organised way to achieve positive goals.


What is currently happening all over England is neither positive, nor is it socially conscious.

You fucking Stella swigging Pink-eyed arseholes are missing one key thing.

English people don't seem to want to work.

Yesterday, because of some light snow that any Eastern European would consider little more than icing dusted on cake, 1/5 of the British workforce did not show up for their jobs.

That's 20% of just under 30,000,000 people. I'll let your kids do the maths.

Furthermore, your cries of "them foreigners been takin' our jobs" is a tad unfounded, and a totally crippled excuse, as of this 30,000,000 strong workforce, 300,000 are foreign nationals.

They work harder, for longer, and with less self-righteous whining.

Who in their right minds would actually employ you? And why has this not been brought up before? Is it the reform of the benefit system? Is it the recession? Have you realised you actually have to get up off your fat arses and actually do some work?

Arthur Scargill must be ashamed.

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